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Finance Planner CRM Case Study: Empowering Financial Business Growth with React Native App

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    specialists in the development team

  • 500%

    user base growth

  • 100%

    uptime reliability

  • 80%

    loan requests increase

  • 90%

    market dynamics adaptation

  • 80%

    innovation adoption rate

  • 120%

    value from surveys

  • 50%

    reduction in response time

  • 95%

    wireless connectivity success


About client

  • Industry:


  • Client Location:


  • Challenge:

    The departure of all previous developers, the need for a seamless transition of responsibility and ownership for ongoing development of CRM software

  • Solution:

    Financial React Native app development and optimization, creating CRM software for mortgage professionals, adding loan management functionality, and integration of wireless carrier and rank system

  • Services used:

    Software development, Project management, UX design, Application Development, Feature Implementation, Workflow Organization Functional and Testable App Delivery, User Empowerment Features, Versatile Platform Development


Business Challenge

The abrupt departure of the whole initial development team was a significant challenge, threatening to stop the project's progress. The client needed a FinTech CRM partner who could effortlessly step in and take responsibility for the development, ensuring that the app's growth continued without setbacks. The key challenges we faced were:

  • Organizing workflow. Setting up a clear and efficient process for the financial app for loans development was necessary to meet the client's needs and keep the app's development on track.
  • Adjusting team focus. As the project's emphasis shifted, it was important to realign the team's attention, allocating more resources to the front-end part to improve the user experience while maintaining a robust backend architecture.
  • Maintaining development pace. Ensuring that the software remained functional and tested during the transition was critical, as was the capacity to quickly grow the app to meet market needs.

Technology Stack used

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Our team created a complex React Native application that included all of the current Progressive Web App (PWA) features. This strategic decision is one of the FinTech app and CRM case study examples where we set a goal to provide a consistent user experience across many platforms while also delivering a suite of enhanced features

  • Loan management functionality development for application. We built a user-friendly system that allows consumers to easily request and handle loans, thereby simplifying the borrowing process.
  • Membership management system development. The app received a powerful membership management system that is intended to efficiently monetize the platform and reward users with several financial rewards.
  • Wireless carrier integration. By collaborating with a wireless carrier, we provided ESIM functionality, greatly improving customer connection and ease.
  • Rank system implementation for FinTech app. To increase user engagement, we implemented a rank system that encourages interaction and involvement inside the app.
  • App enhancements. We improved the user experience by adding elements like surveys that enabled users to earn extra rewards.

We also restructured the team composition to prioritize frontend loan management app development.


Business Results

The deployment of our React Native app with CRM software for mortgage brokers had a huge influence on the client's company. It enabled full functionality for both the app and the existing PWA. This resulted in a large user base and a flexible platform that could readily accommodate future growth.

  • For 1.5 years, the project experienced a significant rise in user engagement, loan requests, and wireless connection success, as well

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