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Supply Chain Management Use Cases — Boost HoReCa Efficiency & Profitability


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    years of successful partnership

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    specialists in the development team

  • 30%

    boost in supplier integration velocity

  • 30%

    increase in the speed of integrating new suppliers

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    reduction in critical platform bugs

  • 150%

    surge in order processing efficiency

  • 200%

    market share growth


About client

  • Industry:

    Logistics, Order management

  • Client Location:


  • Challenge:

    Smooth integration of additional suppliers, platform bugs and server Issues, and dependence on successful integrations

  • Solution:

    Supply chain management software development, Amazon SQS queue integration, comprehensive bug fixes, system stability improvement, implementation of a tiered monetization strategy

  • Services used:

    Software development, Project management, Business analysis, UX design, Amazon SQS queue integration, Comprehensive bug fixes, Successful integration of 10 supplier


Business challenge

Our client aimed to simplify life for his clients in the hospitality business. They pictured a platform that would make it easy for small hotels and restaurants to handle their supply by bringing several suppliers together into a seamless system. However, this dream encountered real-world problems that called for supply chain management system software

  • The in-house team couldn't navigate the complexities of seamless supplier integration. The client's team faced considerable challenges while integrating new vendors with their system. Despite their best efforts, the current development team found it difficult to keep up with the rising business's expectations
  • Platform’s bugs and server issues. Bugs and server troubles were more than just technical words. They were roadblocks that stopped staff in the hospitality business from doing their duties effectively
  • Dependence on successful integrations. The supply chain ERP systems dependability was critical not just to our client's success but also to the success of the several companies that relied on it. The client income, and even their reputation, depended on their ability to resolve these issues

Technology Stack used

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Understanding the challenges of our client and analyzing the most effective supply chain management use cases, our team stepped in and came up with custom supply chain management solutions that turned things around.

  • The merging of Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS) queues was the most important part of our plan. We were able to improve the order merging process with this powerful tool, which made it easy and quick to add new sources. As a result, the client was able to grow their network of suppliers much more quickly and easily than before because of technology issues.
  • We strengthened the system's base by carefully fixing the many bugs that were affecting the platform. As a result of our work, the platform is now more stable and reliable, and users can trust it to work when they need it to. There were no longer any problems with the server's speed that used to cause so much worry.
  • We not only fixed the immediate technology problems with these strategic moves, but we also put the client’s company on the path to long-term growth. Because the platform is more stable and can integrate more suppliers, the client is ready to do well in the tough HoReCa market, set to meet modern demands

Business results

Working together with this client on the SCM ERP system has been a journey of change. In the two years we've worked together, we achieved:

  • Integration velocity. Starting to use Amazon SQS queues has sped up the process of adding new suppliers by 30%. This makes it easier for our client to grow the network and provide better services.
  • System reliability. Our thorough method of fixing bugs cut the number of major platform bugs by 80%, making the system more reliable and improving the user experience.
  • Operational efficiency. Putting in place a good order handling system has increased efficiency by 150%, making operations run more smoothly and making customers much happier.
  • Market growth. These changes have not only made the client more competitive, but they have also helped the company gain 200% more market share, making it valued in the niche.

    The platform's growth into a complete solution has not only met the current needs of hospitality companies but has also paved the way for future innovations that will keep our client at the top of their industry. Impressed by our supply chain case study examples? Want the same or better? Contact us now!


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