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CRM for Fitness Industry — ArtCodeVision CRM System Case Study


  • 2

    years of partnership

  • 245%

    productivity boost

  • 15%

    more clients in just 2 months

  • 30%

    less in project expenses

  • 150%

    acceleration in feature implementation speed

  • 25%

    uplift in team coordination and overall productivity


About client

  • Industry:

    CRM, Gymtech, ERP

  • Client Location:


  • Challenge:

    Resource constraints, pandemic limitations, and enhancing software capabilities to get a larger share in the fitness management market

  • Solution:

    Providing an outsourced development team, optimizing CRM for fitness industry, and implementing marketing and automation features for performance enhancement

  • Services used

    Software Development, Payment Integration, Email Newsletter Integration, Integration with Accounting System, Business Analysis, Architecture, Project Management, Support, DevOps


Business Challenge

In this customer relationship management case study, we want to share the story of our client, a pioneer in fitness management software in Greece, who had a critical scaling dilemma.

Resource limitations and the restrictions of working with a part-time team and local programmers hindered their desire to expand and service new gym chains.

These limits hampered their market growth and innovation adoption speed. Additionally, the restrictions imposed by the pandemic contributed to the additional layer of difficulties.

Seeking to overcome these obstacles, they approached our custom CRM software development company for strategic cooperation. We aimed to improve their software, making it appealing to top-tier gym chains and putting our client at the top of the fitness market. This CRM system case study is an example of transformational cooperation.

    Technology Stack used

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    We addressed the client's resource and growth concerns, delivering:

    • Outsource CRM engineer team. Offered experienced custom CRM developers who were committed to the project. Provided a customizable, hourly-based engagement to bypass the constraints of the in-house team.
    • Improved functionality and performance with the use of cutting-edge marketing tools, like email campaigns, SMS engagement, and referral programs, to attract clients and increase retention rates.
    • Introduction of the Master Admin system to provide centralized management, allowing the customer to seamlessly manage various companies or gym chains from a single platform.
    • Improved features for scheduling, subscriptions, and reporting. Better interaction with training programs, real-time analytics, boosted website connectivity, QR code check-ins, automated payments, and simplified operations all contributed to a better member experience.
    • Adding video and live streaming functions. It was crucial to adapt to the difficulties caused by the pandemic to stay in the game. Integration of automation and marketing tools. The client was
    • Integration of automation and marketing tools. The client was able to engage and keep a growing consumer base thanks to the new integrations, which allowed them to build and manage marketing campaigns, send individualized emails, and execute targeted promotions with accuracy.

    This organized strategy and custom CRM development not only addressed the immediate resource challenges but also laid the groundwork for the client's success in the niche.


    Business Results

    Our strategic solutions greatly improved the client's fitness management software.

    • The Master Admin system's centralized control and CRM for fitness industry made multi-chain administration more efficient. The studio's operations were improved with efficient scheduling and payment systems. Online exercise capabilities improved service options throughout the pandemic, while integrated marketing tools increased member engagement and retention.
    • he mobile app and website enhanced the user experience, while analytics led to more informed business choices. These advances helped the client maintain its leadership in fitness management as well as add +15% of clients in just 2 months.

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        I’m glad that there is such a thing as CRM outsourcing services, as when our in-house team wasn’t able to cover the demands, we got a professional boost from ArtCodeVision. The implementation and performance improvement were smooth and they were able to enhance our fitness management system with marketing tools and other things that increased brand visibility.

        image Yannis Tech Lead at SportSchedule

        The external support from ArtCodeVision was truly a lifeline during challenging periods. Their dedicated team steered our CRM seamlessly through obstacles, offering prompt solutions and strategic enhancements. We are thankful for a steadfast, evolving product and a team that genuinely understands and supports our vision.

        image Nestor Founder and CEO of Bloknot

        ArtCodeVision brings a wealth of different experience from a number of different service areas within software development. They work with our team to help drive and support further progress on our platform. Not only do they create great solutions, they help critically analyze those solutions and work creatively to produce something that works for our customers

        image Stephen Founder and CEO of SupplyPro

        Before we partnered with ArtCodeVision, we were struggling with insufficient processes and much-needed optimization. The commitment of the development team throughout the comprehensive adaptation and improvement of the existing CRM system was on point. Clear communication, regular updates, timely delivery, and most importantly, the results went beyond our expectations. We would 100% recommend ArtCodeVision to our healthcare partners.

        image Victoria Business Development Manager at Pharma delivery