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Artcodevision services

As an all-around software engineering and outsourcing company, we can help you at any stage of development. Whether you’re creating your product from scratch, modernizing it, or continuously improving it, we have the expertise your business requires.



Our services

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    • Custom software engineering
    • Software Development
    • Project Management
    • Team extension
    • Web/Mobile development
    • API Development
    • Application Development
    • MVP Development
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    • Custom API Development
    • Third-Party Software Integration
    • Data Migration and Integration Services
    • Legacy System Integration
    • Cross-Platform Integration
    • Real-time Data Synchronization
    • Integration Workflow Optimization
    • Mobile and Cloud Integration
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    Tailored Solutions

    • Custom Process Analysis
    • Bespoke Software Integration
    • User Interface (UI) Enhancement
    • Mobile and Remote Access Integration
    • Event and Calendar Automation
    • Security and Compliance Automation
    • Social Media Integration
    • Automated Invoicing and Billing

Core industry expertise

Our custom CRM solutions provide a competitive edge by offering unique features and functionalities, such as automating routines like lead management, appointment scheduling, and contract processing. They provide a centralized database for managing customer information, property listings, and other essential data, making it easier for agents to access and use the information they need to close deals. Such a system assists in data analysis and helps make more informed sales and marketing strategy decisions.