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CRM Systems for Higher Education that Bring 8K New Users in 2 Months

  • 18

    months for project development

  • 3

    higher education CRM specialists in the team

  • 400%

    surge in mobile traffic

  • 8K+

    new users in 2 months

  • X4

    engagement metrics

  • 40%

    faster project delivery


Project Overview:

  • Industry:

    EdTech, Data visualization

  • Client Location:


  • Challenge:

    Mobile optimization and redesign of the existing educational platform; implementing education CRM solutions for subscription management and payment systems to ensure a seamless experience

  • Solution:

    Introducing the adaptive design, adding functionalities to CRM software for education industry, like an advanced payment system, and expanding the scope for multi-website management

  • Services used:

    Software development, Project management, Business Analysis, UX design, Architecture, Mobile Optimization and Redesign, Collaboration and Communication Enhancement, Subscription Management and Payment Integration, Platform Expansion and Management


Business Challenge

Our US client came to us with a platform that assists families with college admissions and financing. When we started to work on this CRM higher education software project, we faced such challenges:

  • Mobile optimization & redesign. The client’s platform wasn’t mobile-friendly enough. The outdated design made it hard for users to navigate the platform on mobile devices.
  • Subscription management & payment integration. The platform came with problems handling subscription models and regular payments. Also, there was a need for a more seamless experience for premium content access.
  • Collaboration challenges. The new dynamics of the project called for introducing new communication ways and streams among the development team, product management team, and design team. It was crucial to make the collaboration efficient.

After analyzing all the challenges of this student admission platform development, our team picked the best solutions to provide our client with the professional help they seek.

Technology Stack used

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Our EdTech CRM team developed and executed a thorough solution that revolutionized the client's platform in response to their challenges. Let us walk you through how we tackled each of the challenges we mentioned above:

  • Introducing adaptive design for mobile optimization. The platform is now completely responsive on all mobile devices, thanks to our adaptable design. The highlight of the CRM case study is an update to the user interface that makes it easier to use on mobile devices by making it more accessible and intuitive.
  • Integration of the advanced payment system and improved subscription management. We used modern payment technologies to simplify subscription administration. Implementation of modern student enrollment tool development solutions allowed for various subscription types and simplified the monthly payment procedure for users
  • Introducing effective collaboration strategies. Establishing clear communication gateways and regular sync-ups aligned teams and therefore enhanced collaboration.

Rebuilding the client’s platform and integrating education CRM solutions helped to manage multiple websites efficiently while offering an enhanced user experience. We laid the groundwork for the project’s growth and success.


Business Results

    • Our redesign and mobile optimization led to a 400% increase in user engagement.
    • ArtCodeVision created an intuitive, user-friendly platform that solidified its position as a go-to resource for families in the college admissions journey. The platform attracted 8,000+ new users in 2 months. Besides, our efficient project execution cut project delivery times by 40%!
    • Want your own CRM for education industry? Work with the best specialists at ArtCodeVision!

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      ArtCodeVision brings a wealth of different experience from a number of different service areas within software development. They work with our team to help drive and support further progress on our platform. Not only do they create great solutions, they help critically analyze those solutions and work creatively to produce something that works for our customers

      image Stephen Founder and CEO of SupplyPro

      The external support from ArtCodeVision was truly a lifeline during challenging periods. Their dedicated team steered our CRM seamlessly through obstacles, offering prompt solutions and strategic enhancements. We are thankful for a steadfast, evolving product and a team that genuinely understands and supports our vision.

      image Nestor Founder and CEO of Bloknot

      I’m glad that there is such a thing as CRM outsourcing services, as when our in-house team wasn’t able to cover the demands, we got a professional boost from ArtCodeVision. The implementation and performance improvement were smooth and they were able to enhance our fitness management system with marketing tools and other things that increased brand visibility.

      image Yannis Tech Lead at SportSchedule

      Before we partnered with ArtCodeVision, we were struggling with insufficient processes and much-needed optimization. The commitment of the development team throughout the comprehensive adaptation and improvement of the existing CRM system was on point. Clear communication, regular updates, timely delivery, and most importantly, the results went beyond our expectations. We would 100% recommend ArtCodeVision to our healthcare partners.

      image Victoria Business Development Manager at Pharma delivery