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ERP for Automotive Industry Development with 90% Complexity Reduction

  • 4

    months for successful implementation

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    specialists in development and support team

  • 100%

    client satisfaction with the final product

  • 100%

    alignment of development goals with business objectives

  • 90%

    reduction in system complexity


About client

  • Industry:

    ERP, Inventory management

  • Client Location:


  • Challenge:

    Providing ERP for automotive industry development services that would fix architectural overcomplexity, misaligned development expectations, and performance issues.

  • Solution:

    Identifying and removing unnecessary configuration, purpose-focused design, ERP automotive inventory system development, performance optimization, and SLAs introduction.

  • Services used:

    Architectural Streamlining, Communication and Expectation Alignment, Performance Optimization, Service Level Agreements (SLAs) Implementation, and Software Development


Business Challenge

Before coming to ArdCodeVision, our client used the services of other developers and was dissatisfied with the first project because of issues with the app's design and functionality. The issues were so tough that the developers refused to continue working since they weren't able to tackle the challenges.

  • Architectural overcomplexity. The lack of focus made code and configuration maintenance difficult, causing unneeded complexity in architecture. It required simplification without sacrificing functionality.
  • Expectations misalignment. As previous developers refused to continue working on the project, they left gaps in understanding the codebase and big misalignment with the client’s needs and requirements.
  • Poor system performance. Slow page loading and overall poor performance hampered user experience and asset management. Our team had to improve performance without compromising the functionality of the system.

And those are the main challenges we faced from the start.

Technology Stack used

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Our e-mobility ERP software development team conducted a detailed review of the current system architecture. The idea was to remove any unnecessary complications and establish a more focused, controllable framework. Here's how we did it:

  • Identifying and removing unnecessary configuration. Removed unnecessary layers, features, and setups. The end result—a simplified design that maintained key functions while reducing excess weight.
  • Purpose-focused design. We redesigned the system's purpose to ensure that every architecture choice was consistent with the client's key needs.
  • Created streams of transparent communication. Our ERP development company established close communication channels with the client’s business stakeholders, which helped to establish alignment throughout the development process.
  • Performance optimization. Our specialists thoroughly tested the system extensively to find performance bottlenecks and identify opportunities for improvement. And we introduced SLAs to boost performance.

Business Results

    • Our ERP development for e-mobility company achieved a perfect 100% alignment of development goals with business objectives and the client’s vision.
    • In this ERP case study, you see how streamlining the architecture made the experience more user-friendly. We have also significantly reduced page loading times, improved system responsiveness, and introduced SLAs to ensure consistency in performance in the future.

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      ArtCodeVision brings a wealth of different experience from a number of different service areas within software development. They work with our team to help drive and support further progress on our platform. Not only do they create great solutions, they help critically analyze those solutions and work creatively to produce something that works for our customers

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      I’m glad that there is such a thing as CRM outsourcing services, as when our in-house team wasn’t able to cover the demands, we got a professional boost from ArtCodeVision. The implementation and performance improvement were smooth and they were able to enhance our fitness management system with marketing tools and other things that increased brand visibility.

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      Before we partnered with ArtCodeVision, we were struggling with insufficient processes and much-needed optimization. The commitment of the development team throughout the comprehensive adaptation and improvement of the existing CRM system was on point. Clear communication, regular updates, timely delivery, and most importantly, the results went beyond our expectations. We would 100% recommend ArtCodeVision to our healthcare partners.

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      The external support from ArtCodeVision was truly a lifeline during challenging periods. Their dedicated team steered our CRM seamlessly through obstacles, offering prompt solutions and strategic enhancements. We are thankful for a steadfast, evolving product and a team that genuinely understands and supports our vision.

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