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About client

  • Industry:

    ERP, CPA automation

  • Client Location:


  • Challenge:

    Big scale and ground-up development, integration of Microsoft Business Central with limited documentation

  • Solution:

    Custom ERP development services, ground-up app development, Microsoft Business Central integration, adding Klippa, document parsing integration

  • Services used:

    Software development, UI design, Document Parsing Integration Service, Ground-Up Application Development, Enhanced Communication Platform Development, Innovative Backend Integration with Klippa Service, Direct Integration with Microsoft Business Central


Business Challenge

In this ERP case study, our client came to ArtCodeVision with a groundbreaking idea to change accounting services for small companies. The idea was to develop a custom online app that would expedite accounting operations and provide small firms with the powerful features of Microsoft Business Central. However, the route to innovation is sometimes filled with challenges. And let’s explore the main ones our custom ERP development company faced:

  • Ground-up development. Due to the project's enormous scale, it had to be built from the ground up, which required thorough planning and execution.
  • Integration with Microsoft Business Central. The platform's complicated design made establishing a smooth connection with Business Central necessary yet difficult.
  • Limited documentation. The lack of detailed documentation for Business Central was a major challenge. This challenge demanded innovative problem-solving and tech agility.

Technology Stack used

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Here's how we addressed the challenges of this ERP system case study:

  • Starting from scratch. Our ERP product development team created the whole system from scratch, ensuring that it functioned seamlessly with Microsoft Business Central. This was crucial to getting everything else done properly.
  • Making communication easy. We made an enhanced communication platform for customers and accountants to connect. They can now easily send and receive documents and invoices, all thanks to a user-friendly front-end component.
  • Smart backend work with Klippa. Our ERP development specialists utilized a tool called Klippa to extract key information from documents in a smart way. This improved invoice processing speed and accuracy.
  • Seamless Business Central integration. We ensured that all completed invoices were seamlessly integrated into Microsoft Business Central. It helped to automate the processes and make life simpler for accountants.

Business Results

Our custom ERP software development was an important turning point for the product and the Swiss accounting industry as a whole. Here's the main impact it made:

  • Streamlined invoicing process. Our custom ERP development services transformed the invoicing process, making it easier and more accessible. It reduced 100% of the invoicing time. Clients and accountants now have an easy-to-use interface that saves them a lot of time and work.
  • Business growth potential. Our ready-to-deploy solution brought a 200% surge in business growth potential. Also, the automated invoice management solution is expected to increase the productivity of CPA companies across Switzerland.
  • End-to-end automation. Our project automated every stage of the invoice management process, from taking images of invoices to recognizing text, verifying data, and integrating it all into Microsoft Business Central.
  • Comprehensive involvement. Our ERP system development team's active participation from the beginning of the project demonstrates our commitment to providing superior solutions.

    With this innovative technology, our client is well-equipped to meet the demands of modern accounting. This case strengthened the position of our custom ERP software development company as a trusted partner in the tech-driven world of business automation. Want next-level ERP software development services? Hire an experienced ERP developer at ArtCodeVision!


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