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Project Overview:

  • Industry:

    CRM for pharma companies

  • Client Location:

    The United Kingdom

  • Challenge:

    The initial pharmacy CRM software didn’t fit the size and needs of the client’s company, resulting in malfunctions, and overall low efficiency

  • Solution:

    Pharmaceutical CRM software refactoring, resolving malfunctions and errors, thorough testing, and introducing new features tailored to CRM for pharma companies

  • Services used:

    Software development, Project Manager, CRM integration system, Load testing service, CI/CD


Business Challenge

In this CRM case study, we want to share the journey of our client, a business based in the UK healthcare technology sector. They wanted to improve their logistics operations. However, the client faced major challenges with a pre-existing CRM system.

  • Compatibility issues. The pharmacy CRM software failed to meet the unique requirements of healthcare logistics, causing disruptions in operations.
  • Technical issues. The system experienced numerous malfunctions and errors. This resulted in compromised functionality and limited effectiveness.

The client required a solution that could effortlessly integrate with their specific needs and improve their operational efficiency. They approached us seeking pharma CRM development that could address their immediate technical obstacles while also aligning with their long-term vision for healthcare logistics. We took on the responsibility of delivering reliable and adaptable healthcare CRM solutions designed specifically for the dynamic field of healthcare technology

Technology Stack used

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When our client approached us, their pharma CRM software was causing more issues than it was resolving. This is how we managed to make a positive change and build pharmaceutical software solutions that actually work:

  • Customized refactoring. We carefully deconstructed the CRM's current features and reconstructed them to seamlessly align with healthcare logistics needs. It was similar to tailoring a suit for the perfect fit.
  • Issue resolution. We thoroughly examined the pharmacy CRM software, identifying and resolving all the issues that were causing inconvenience. Now, the system is running smoothly.
  • Introducing new features for healthcare. We went beyond mere fixes. We have added brand-new features to the pharma CRM systems that the client specifically requested for the healthcare logistics sector.
  • Bringing professionals together. Our pharma software solutions have made the platform highly popular. Over 60 healthcare professionals use it regularly now. It has gained significant popularity within the industry.

Thanks to these enhancements, the CRM system is now completely free of errors and has been customized to suit the client's requirements perfectly. But let’s explore the business results a bit further!


Business Results

    • Our healthcare tech client experienced remarkable results with the upgraded CRM system. Thanks to ArtCodeVision’s professional pharma CRM development, the system now effortlessly caters to their unique requirements in healthcare logistics. The system has experienced a significant enhancement in stability and reliability, resulting in more efficient daily operations.
    • A 245% increase in productivity in the healthcare logistics sector serves as evidence that the implementation of new features has significantly improved workflow processes. In addition, the platform's seamless integration with more than 60 healthcare professionals has greatly increased user engagement. It resulted in a significant increase in the average order value.
    • Our healthcare CRM solutions transformed the project into a robust, smart healthcare logistics platform. It can boast an impressive 99% resolution rate for previous problems. The platform has firmly established its position as a go-to solution in healthcare technology. The client now benefits from a system that not only outperforms in terms of functionality but also holds a strategic advantage in driving growth and fostering innovation in the niche.
    • Want high-quality CRM for pharma companies? Reach out and get a free consultation on what ArtCodeVision can do for you!

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      ArtCodeVision brings a wealth of different experience from a number of different service areas within software development. They work with our team to help drive and support further progress on our platform. Not only do they create great solutions, they help critically analyze those solutions and work creatively to produce something that works for our customers

      image Stephen Founder and CEO of SupplyPro

      I’m glad that there is such a thing as CRM outsourcing services, as when our in-house team wasn’t able to cover the demands, we got a professional boost from ArtCodeVision. The implementation and performance improvement were smooth and they were able to enhance our fitness management system with marketing tools and other things that increased brand visibility.

      image Yannis Tech Lead at SportSchedule

      Before we partnered with ArtCodeVision, we were struggling with insufficient processes and much-needed optimization. The commitment of the development team throughout the comprehensive adaptation and improvement of the existing CRM system was on point. Clear communication, regular updates, timely delivery, and most importantly, the results went beyond our expectations. We would 100% recommend ArtCodeVision to our healthcare partners.

      image Victoria Business Development Manager at Pharma delivery

      The external support from ArtCodeVision was truly a lifeline during challenging periods. Their dedicated team steered our CRM seamlessly through obstacles, offering prompt solutions and strategic enhancements. We are thankful for a steadfast, evolving product and a team that genuinely understands and supports our vision.

      image Nestor Founder and CEO of Bloknot