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Project Overview:

  • Industry:

    User’s schedule assistant

  • Client Location:


  • Challenge:

    Unsupported app with chaotic code and bugs, over-complication of the notebook app, rapid growth, user account management complexity

  • Solution:

    Eliminating unnecessary complications of the online customer scheduling software, integrating idea submission platform, introducing number-based account linkage and in-app feedback mechanisms

  • Services used:

    Software development, UX design, User Journey Mapping, Cloud Hosting for Application Deployment and Scalability, Account Management Enhancement, User Engagement Strategies, Integrated screen recording features, Idea Submission Platform Development, User Feedback Mechanism Implementation


Business Challenge

ArtCodeVision often works with companies that come after they are a developer or their development team left them.

That was the deal for this client in Ukraine, who faced rapid user base growth and the leaving of the developer supporting the product. Here are the main challenges of CRM for beauty salon development of this project:

  • Chaotic code base filled with bugs and rapid growth. A lack of organization in the addition of features by different developers. As a result, the codebase became chaotic and became increasingly difficult to manage.
  • Over-complicated user account management. Difficulty in managing accounts if users' phones were lost or changed. Possible loss of data and problems accessing accounts.
  • No seamless user onboarding. A smooth onboarding process is essential for keeping users engaged, which calls for improvement. The client wanted to know at what point users disengaged or stopped using the app.
  • Lack of deep understanding of user behavior and feedback collecting. Our client wanted to have a system that would help to Gain an understanding of user engagement and distinguish between free and premium users. Also, it was important to implement a system for collecting user feedback effectively to use it for future beauty parlor CRM development and scaling.

The client had a vision of a simpler and more efficient version of the app. They aimed to build a central hub where users could easily manage their schedules.

Technology Stack used

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Our journey to a simplified and user-focused app was defined by the introduction of these major solutions to CRM system for beauty salon development:

  • Simplifying the overcomplex development solutions. An updated version of the app was created, with an emphasis on simplicity and speed. We left essential functions but eliminated unnecessary complications, resulting in a more intuitive user experience.
  • Number-based account linkage. To reduce the possibility of data loss and streamline login procedures, we developed a phone number linkage system. Personal account development for beauty salons offered users a consistent and simple way to access their accounts, even while getting a new number.
  • Introducing in-app feedback mechanisms. This solution allowed us to pinpoint areas that needed improvement based on user input, guiding future development. We also added behavioral analysis and screen recording to collect data on user interactions.
  • Adding idea submission platform. The app now has a system in place where users may submit ideas in exchange for credits. By submitting and voting on feature ideas, users might have a direct impact on the development roadmap for the next upgrades.

Business Results

  • Transformation of the overcomplicated app into a sleek and robust platform that enhanced user satisfaction.
  • By providing in-app feedback submission that influenced the creation of new features, users' opinions became key to the app's development process leading to a product that truly reflects users' wants and needs.
  • Streamlined user onboarding fostered a positive initial experience, and therefore resulted in 20K+ businesses involved, making it one of the great CRM case study examples.
  • Better security was a result of the introduction of the number-based account linkage, which also increased retention rates.

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      The external support from ArtCodeVision was truly a lifeline during challenging periods. Their dedicated team steered our CRM seamlessly through obstacles, offering prompt solutions and strategic enhancements. We are thankful for a steadfast, evolving product and a team that genuinely understands and supports our vision.

      image Nestor Founder and CEO of Bloknot

      Before we partnered with ArtCodeVision, we were struggling with insufficient processes and much-needed optimization. The commitment of the development team throughout the comprehensive adaptation and improvement of the existing CRM system was on point. Clear communication, regular updates, timely delivery, and most importantly, the results went beyond our expectations. We would 100% recommend ArtCodeVision to our healthcare partners.

      image Victoria Business Development Manager at Pharma delivery

      I’m glad that there is such a thing as CRM outsourcing services, as when our in-house team wasn’t able to cover the demands, we got a professional boost from ArtCodeVision. The implementation and performance improvement were smooth and they were able to enhance our fitness management system with marketing tools and other things that increased brand visibility.

      image Yannis Tech Lead at SportSchedule

      ArtCodeVision brings a wealth of different experience from a number of different service areas within software development. They work with our team to help drive and support further progress on our platform. Not only do they create great solutions, they help critically analyze those solutions and work creatively to produce something that works for our customers

      image Stephen Founder and CEO of SupplyPro